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Dal-Worth Plumbing and Slab Leak Services
  • SLAB LEAK REPAIRFoundation problems with water or sewage leaks? We can repair it!
  • PLUMBING SERVICESWater leaks, clogged drains, plumbing installations, we do it all!
  • SPRINKLER SERVICESFull sprinkler system installation, service and repair.
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Slab Leak Repair in Fort Worth - Dallas - Arlington

Dal-Worth Plumbing & Slab Leak Services has been providing prompt and reliable plumbing services, specializing in slab leak detection and repair, to residential / commercial customers and foundation repair companies since 1979 throughout the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex. Each of our service technicians are screened and licensed with the Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners. We pride ourselves in our regular continued education courses to advance our knowledge and expertise and to stay current with the up-to-date products in the plumbing industry.

Testing for foundation Leak


Settling or upheaval in the foundation, cracks developing on walls or floors, excessive moisture under carpet or buckling of floors are just some of the signs of a slab leak. If you experience any of these symptoms call us and we will test your home in Dallas - Fort Worth for foundation leaks.
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Locating Foundation Leak


If a leak is detected, your next step would be to have us perform a line locate which is a diagnostic isolation investigation process using sewer inline camera equipment. This procedure allows us to pinpoint exactly where your leak is, and assists us in determining how best to access the leak for repairs.
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Repairing Foundation Leak


Once the leak is located, Dal-Worth Plumbing & Slab Leak Services will be able to provide a quote for the actual repairs that may consist of accessing through concrete or through the tunneling process. We take special care to minimize the inconvenience to you, your family and your home during the process. 
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Plumbing Services


Dal-Worth Plumbing & Slab Leak Services knows too well just how much a plumbing issue can disrupt our lives, whether it is a leak, clogged drain, stoppage, jammed garbage disposal, water heater or other plumbing troubles. These types of issues can cause our lives to come to a standstill until repairs are made.
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Sprinkler Services


Dal-Worth Plumbing & Slab Leak Services is a premier irrigation service and repair company in the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex. Our services include a full sprinkler system service and repair, from repairing broken or leaking pipes to locating valves or cut wires, and much more.
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Contact Us


Our company values our customers and understands their immediate individual needs with regards to their plumbing challenges. We are dedicated to providing excellent quality service in the most efficient manner to help reduce the cost to our customers. We offer FREE ESTIMATES!
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One of the biggest investments in life that you can make for yourself and your family is your home. Foundation problems can be one of the largest risks to that investment due to damage to home and high repair cost. Foundation problems are normally first noticed by sticking doors and windows, or a crack in the wall or ceiling. Many homeowners will not address these foundation issues until they become annoying, again putting one of their largest investments at risk.
Typically, the first phone call goes to a foundation repair company or possibly a structural engineer. However, one of the leading causes for foundation movement is moisture or water under your foundation. Uneven moisture under your foundation can cause the ground to settle or cause upheaval. Plumbing leaks or slab leaks are most often the cause for  inconsistent moisture under the foundation. After foundation work is completed most foundation companies require the plumbing to be checked for the warranty to be valid.
As a result, if you are having foundation issues, the first phone call should be to Dal-Worth Slab Leak Repair Service for a comprehensive slab leak test. Often the repair of a foundation plumbing leak can resolve the foundation problems. 
Many areas in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex have unstable ground due to the composition of the soil. Some areas have a high clay content causing the ground to soak up water like a sponge creating lift of your foundation, called upheaval. Other soil compositions in the Dallas-Fort Worth area consists of soil that will react the opposite creating washouts or cavities, causing loss of support to your foundation which is called settling.
If you are in need of foundation work on your home, make Dal-Worth Slab Leak Repair Service your first call instead of your last. Call us today at 817-268-7711

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